Waxing and Tuning


Tuning and Waxing are art forms in the Ski and Snowboard world.  There are professional Tuners all over the world!  Tuning is a combination of diagnosing the problem & knowing how to fix the issues, whilst having the skill and patience to do so.


You can never wax your Skis or Boards too much.  The base of your Skis or Boards is porous like your skin.  It is important to keep those pours full of wax to optimize performance of your sliding device.  It’s pretty silly to get all the way out here to Japan (if you don’t live here), and have un-tuned snow surfing devices attached to your feet!


Now that we understand the our Bases are full of pours, you will love the concept of a Hot Box.  The Hot Box action allows maximum porous base to absorb as much wax as possible.  The slider is hot waxed Hot Waxed and not scraped.  It is then placed in a Hot Box for 5 hours and at the perfect temperature to keep the wax soft enough to absorb, but cool enough to not damage the ski or board.



It is possible to damage the base of your snow gliding device.  It can be detrimental that you fix that problem ASAP.  If your core is exposed (under the PTAX base material later) it can get wet and water logged.  One the core is wet, all the laters inside the snow device will start to fall apart! Not good.  It is more affordable to fix this problem instead of buying a whole new snow sliding device or pair of sticks.