Now you can book your dream pow board or skis and pick up instore at Joey's Myoko!

Demo some of the best boards and skis available for all conditions in Japan just like the one above.

Powder boards

Our Range

We have a wide range of snowboards and ski gear available for both beginner and experienced riders. You can rent or demo our all mountain, powder and park boards. Get set up with quality gear to ensure you'll have the best experience on the mountain. 

snowboarding all mountain

All Mountain Snowboard

The all mountain snowboard is like that reliable friend who's always up for anything. Whether it's carving up the slopes or attempting to land some epic tricks, the all mountain board has you covered. 

With a medium flex and a shape that knows how to handle both groomed runs and off-piste adventures this is perfect for those wanting the freedom to jump between different terrains throughout the day. The all mountain board is very versatile, forgiving and a beginner friendly option. 

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Powder boards

Powder Boards

Japan is well known for being a winter wonderland of deep powder, this board will be your trusty steed, helping you effortlessly glide through the snow and dart through the famous Japanese trees. 

Powder boards have a wider nose and a shape that delivers unparalleled stability and control in deep snow. The powder board is the perfect choice if you're looking to leave your signature tracks in untouched snow. 

For those looking to learn how to ride in powder and crave unforgettable moments of floating through snow like a majestic yet slightly clumsy snow angel, this board is also a great option for you. 

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Park boards

Park Boards 

Plan on hitting the jumps? Our freestyle board's lightweight build and impressive pop will enable you to achieve new heights, nows your chance to land your first 360. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned pros who enjoy riding park on a blue bird day. These boards focus on freestyle performance, helping you pop, spin and grab with ease. 

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