Tuning - We at Joeys pride ourselves in repairing  your gear to the best of our ability to get you back in the slopes as quick as possible.

Hot Wax ¥3,000 (Local Hayashi Wax)

Hot Box Wax ¥5,000 (Local Cold Hard Hayashi Wax) (Hot Box is a oven for skis and snowboards to make them absorb as much wax as possible.)

Edge & Wax ¥7,000 (Base edge, Side edge, Rust Remove , Local Hayashi Wax)

Full Service ¥8,000 (Base Grind, Base edge, Side Edge, Rust Remove , Local Hayashi Wax)

Epoxy & Petex ¥2000 - ¥8000 ( Price depends on the problem. We can do all different epoxy and Petex and core shot repairs)


Bootfitting is our speciality. If your feet hurt your definitely not having a good time. We have know how to fix the problems your having & trust me a new boot is not always the solution. Please come see Joey and the staff and they will do there best to fix your needs.

Assessment - ¥2,000

Heat Moulding - ¥3,000

Ankle Wrap - ¥4,000

Shell Stretch - ¥6,000

Joeys Footbeds - ¥12,000

Custom Footbeds - ¥25,000


There is an infinite about of adjustments we can make to your boots. The price will vary depending on what we need to do. What we need to do depends on how well the boots fit you and how sever the problem is. 

 Please come in and chat with the staff. Write your name on the Bootfitting sign up board and we will be with you as soon as we can.


Thank you - Joeys Crew