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Green Lab Grass Roots Snowboard

Green Lab Grass Roots Snowboard

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“Coexistence with nature” and LOHAS (life style of health and sustainability) proposals from the forests of Shinshu

Forests in Nagano Prefecture are approximately 1,060,000 hectares, accounting for 78% of the prefectural land, of which 64%, or approximately 680,000 hectares, are privately owned forests. Approximately 330,000 hectares, or 48%, of privately owned forests are artificial forests such as cedar and larch, and in order to protect and grow these forests, human management such as thinning is required. In particular, 53% of the artificial forest is about 170,000 hectares of cedar and larch trees that are 31 years old or older, and the maintenance of the forest through thinning and the transportation and use of wood are major issues. Given this current situation, we believe that unless we look at forests, make discoveries, draw designs, and take action, it will be impossible to build a permanent sustainable society. Therefore, we at GREEN.LAB rebuilt the culture (lifestyle) of people living in a rural village in the forest prefecture of Nagano Prefecture, and launched a new industry as the first step to sustaining it. I would like to introduce it here.

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