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TJ Brand Catamaran-NF 158 Ski

TJ Brand Catamaran-NF 158 Ski

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One thing you'll notice when snowboarding is that the line for a snowboarder and the line for a skier (including the point of skiing) are different. For Napoleon Fish 158cm, we designed the outline using the keywords "Short, Fat, Stylish" to get the "Board Feeling" when skiing on powder. This ski was created with a focus on drawing a line similar to when skiing on a snowboard. The Outline was designed to be as stylish as a Surf Board and as easy to operate as a Napoleon Fish, and as a result we created this shape by making the In Edge and Out Edge asymmetry. The length is adjusted based on the length of the board you choose when skiing powder on a snowboard. Skiers often ask, ``Isn't it short?'' Because it is short, it has excellent maneuverability and can handle difficult terrain such as difficult traverse lines and ridges, and can also enjoy compact terrain. Also, by riding it properly, you will be able to ride comfortably and stably on wide slopes and high-speed turns. He went for a fatter overall finish to give him more float in the powder. A new category of ski called "Shot Fat Ski" that incorporates the feel of a snowboard. This is a must-see for skiers as well as boarders who used to ski in the past.

Napoleon Fish 158cm is slightly asymmetrical. In order to improve maneuverability, the effective ground plane of the outside edge is slightly shorter than that of the inside edge. The basic shape is the one with a clear logo (the underlying wood core is visible) on the left, and the one with a colored logo on the right. There is no rule, so one option is to choose the left or right depending on the feeling.

Align the boot center with the center of the basic Recommend mark. Depending on your preference, you can easily operate it by installing it 1 to 2 cm away.

To maintain buoyancy and maneuverability as a short fat ski, the unequal thickness is thinner than regular skis. When installing bindings, please request installation at a specialty store and check the length of the screws before installing.

- Teruo Ueki

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