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TJ Brand Cruiser Snowboard

TJ Brand Cruiser Snowboard

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CRUISER is the most balanced of TJ BRAND's products and provides stable and high performance in any situation. The wood core uses Power Arch Carbon, which has been proven in the FLYING-V PAC model. By using a lightweight and ultra-high response wood core, you can drive with confidence even on steep or rough tracks. This is the model that many TJ crew members, including Masayoshi Kamimori, Hideyuki Kaji, Masaaki Nakao, and Yoshitaka Ota, use when the situation calls for it. It goes without saying that the CRUISER is TJ's all-mountain freestyle board, but it is a board that can be used for a wide range of purposes from powder to terrain riding. 


The 149.5, 156cm model has an updated flex pattern that increases stability during turns. It is a board that allows you to comfortably slide on powder roads with many tracks.Compared to the Shift, it has a longer tail and is easier to ride at speed, but even at high speeds, it is easier to control the lift of the tail. The flex balance creates a controllable board. You'll feel confident from the first turn, feeling the sense of stability that comes from the front foot when edging. The controllability of the tail and the smooth transition to the next turn will take you to a higher level of speed. For 160cm, I want to update it to something a little different, for example, to draw big turns at high speed. I want to ride dynamically, dropping down and down. Regardless of your physique, if you aspire to big mountain riding, I highly recommend you ride this bike. The flex is mid-hard, and it feels good to turn with full use of the effective edge from nose to tail even on compacted snow burns, and in powder, it makes a big extended turn, and the power applied to the back foot leads to forward propulsion. I think it may be a little difficult to use with small trees, but it makes for a high-speed, stable board. And a new size 157 mid wide has been added to the lineup for the 23/24 season. This new size, created at the request of Yoshitaka Ota, is thicker than conventional cruisers and can be stepped on with confidence. It has an outstanding sense of stability at high speeds, does not flap, and will raise your speed level by one or two levels.

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