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TJ Brand Draft Snowboard

TJ Brand Draft Snowboard

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This DRAFT model is very popular this snowy season, and is used by Hiroshi Sakuma, Mitsugu Toyoda, and others, and is also frequently used by Yoshitaka Ota on YOU TUBE. The newly improved mold for the 19/20 model has the 3D depth of the nose approximately 2/3 and the 3D section 58mm shorter, and the tail 3D depth approximately 1/2 and the 3D section 98mm shorter. Did. These changes have extended the bottom flat section by 156mm. While retaining the buoyancy and fuzzy feel of the conventional 3D, it has transformed into a board that allows you to enjoy carving that holds firmly until the latter half of the turn, and has become a board that allows you to drive vertically and horizontally at higher speeds. I did. WOODCORE uses a mixed core of lightweight X-WOOD and POPLAR, and uses the wood core PUNCHING DOT HOLE WOODCORE, which requires a lot of time and effort to carve many DOT HOLEs on the wood core base side around the waist and insert foam there.The foam is placed around the waist. By inserting it in an X-shape, the tension in the nose and tail is maintained, while the torsion is concentrated around the waist, making it loose and flexible.The feel of the soles of the feet directly connects to handling the board, allowing for freedom from carving to tricky movements. DRAFT. The flex is soft, but it also has the stability at high speed that is unique to wide models.

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