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TJ Brand Napoleon Fish Snowboard

TJ Brand Napoleon Fish Snowboard

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NAPOLEON FISH established the short & fat board genre.

A famous machine that started a revolution in powder board shortboards. The extremely short tail gives it a surf-like slide that allows it to move quickly from stream terrain to tight tree runs. The arc of the side curve is small, and the 3D shape of the nose delays entry, making it quick if you push it in and shallowly, making it possible to draw large and small turns. Updated to a board that is even easier to create rhythms by adopting the Super Light Performance mix core, which is lightweight and has quick response characteristics. The line attacking the R climbs on a unique line that is different from the others, the top turn at the wall is very quick and sharp, the second half of the turn increases, and the unique small arc turn becomes even more rhythmic and nimble. I did. The Napoleon Fish is a magic board that will make snowboarding in a rut fun again with new discoveries.

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